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Hold for QC Approval Labels (4128)

Hold for QC Approval Labels
Your Quality Control program is about to get better. For the best selection of Hold for QC Approval labels, we offer a concise message that can do a long way. From reinforced, economical labels to brightly colored Hold labels, we have the right message that you need for your facility. Since almost any facility needs a bold Hold message for their inventory, repair, or maintenance, this versatile message can go a long way in any workplace. Get a 'hold' of your inventory and fill in detailed information about each Hold item with these write-on tags and labels that can be seen from a distance. With our signature designs, you can pick the perfect sized label to fit your equipment. Take a look at our designs below to learn more about how you can make your Q.C. approval program better.
  • • These bold orange labels are offered in multiple sizes to fit the needs of your quality control program.
  • • Adhere these labels to almost any surface for a reliable bond and efficient use.
  • • These durable labels can help your staff recognize hold items and make your system work faster and more reliably.
  • • Click on a design below to learn more about our Q.C. approval labels.

Hold for QC Approval Labels (29582)

Hold For QC Approval Labels in Dispenser
Grab-a-Label in Dispenser Box QC Labels
Hold For QC Approval Labels in Dispenser Box
Quality Control Grab-a-Label in Dispenser Box

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Nov 28, 2016

Quality Control Grab-a-Label in... : Hold for Q.C. Approval Labels
Part #: LB-2503 1.25" x 2.5" Fluorescent Paper with Permanent Adhesive Grab-a-Label Dispenser Box   Verified Purchase

good quality

as expected and of a very good qualityu