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1" x 2¼" Write-on Calibration Label: CERTIFICATION (QC-140-WO225) Learn More...

Part# QC-140-WO225
Color black on white
Shape Horizontal

Product Description

Certification labels can be bolder, better, and more resilient. Choose the best vinyl label set to mark and manage your certification system and equipment.

  • Pre-printed vinyl can take on tough conditions, and is ready to last for years to come.
  • These imprintable labels come with a smudge-free surface to protect your writing.
  • Follow ISO requirements and basic safety labeling with these reliable vinyl calibration labels.
  • CERTIFICATION labels accept pen, pencil, markers, and stamps for smudge resistant markings.
  • A special high-bond adhesive coating is optimal on irregular surfaces for a lasting bond.
  • High-bond labeling is a great way to avoid inefficiency and save valuable time.
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  • 1" x 2.25"
  • Screen Printed
  • Vinyl Label
Vinyl Label
Permanent adhesive creates a strong bond with the surface. Jun 8
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  • Labels have a very heavy coating of adhesive, which make them ideal for irregular, greasy and many other difficult surfaces.
  • Material to be written on using a pencil, typewriter or ball-point pen.
  • Screen printed for extra durability.
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Size:1" x "2.25"
Material:Vinyl Label
225 Labels/Pack
Total Price
Per Pack
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