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Rejected Initials Calibration Labels, Red On White
Part# QC-206-SL150
Size 5/8" x 1½"
Color red on white
Package 140 Labels/Pack
Material Polyester with Clear Flap [MA-SL]
Printing Screen Printing What is this?

5/8" x 1½" Self-Laminating Calibration Label 


Package : 140 Labels/Pack • Price per Pack
Minimum Qty. 1 • Order in Multiples of 1 Pack
1 2 3 5 10 25 50
$35.14 $32.94 $30.74 $28.54 $26.34 $21.94 $19.74
Quantity :
Package : 140 Labels/Pack
[ Pack = Labels total]
Product Description
With a great polyester label set, you can mark your rejected items more thoroughly. Improve your system and write or print on these tough laminating labels to prevent misuse and handling.

• Your Rejected Labels are screen-printed for durability and a lasting message.

• Seal your writing from the elements with a clear polyester self-laminating flap.

• The clear layer protects your writing from abrasion and liquids, so your message lasts longer.

• Write on your polyester labels using a marker or ball-point pen.

• Simple self-laminating Rejected labels are a great way to securely seal in information to prevent changes to your information.

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