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Shelf Life Labels (4168)

Your inventory has a shelf life. Let everybody know it with a bold and color-coded Shelf Life label. With a comprehensive selection of tough and economical materials, you can find the perfect label set to meet the needs of your perishable inventory. From easy self-laminating labels to the toughest annealed aluminum, each design will bring you a particular strength to last though moisture, chemicals, abrasion and more. Your shelf life doesn't have to be any harder than a quick stick on every inventory box - these bold labels are sure to make an impact on your system.
  • • Your Shelf Life labels feature screen-printed text and recognizable colors to help you organize your materials.
  • • These label sets are available in different sizes and materials, with a high-bonding adhesive backing.
  • • Unlike other label designs, these convenient labels include a smudge-free, writable surface.
  • • Click on any design below to learn more about which label will best fit your needs.

Shelf Life Labels (29430)

Shelf Life: Exp Date - Red
½" x 1" Mini Self-Laminating Calibration Label
½" x 1"
Shelf Life: Exp Date - Red
½" x 1" Mini Write-On Calibration Label
½" x 1"
Shelf Life Exp. Date Calibration Label
Calibration Label, 1 in. x 2.25 in.
1" x 2.25" (h x w)
Calibration Status Labels, ½" x 2"
½" x 2"
Shelf Life: Exp Date - Red
QuickPick™ Book of 5/8" x 1½" Calibration Labels
5/8" x 1½"
Shelf Life: Exp Date - Red
Calibration Label, 5/8" x 1½"
5/8" x 1½"
Shelf Life: Exp Date - Red
5/8" x 1½" Self-Laminating Calibration Label
5/8" x 1½"
Shelf Life: Exp Date - Red
5/8" x 1½" Write-On Calibration Label
5/8" x 1½"
Customer Reviews
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Dec 28, 2019

Size: 0.5" x 1" Material Type: 3M 7800 Matte Silver Debossable Aluminum Foil Labels   Verified Purchase

Good stuff!

Looked great and are easy to use.