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1" x 2¼" Write-on Calibration Label: TESTED (QC-236-WO225) Learn More...

Part# QC-236-WO225
Color blue on white
Shape Horizontal

Product Description

Organize your tested items with a bigger, better label system. A tough labeling set lets you write on the label for clear, protected information.

  • Durable write-on vinyl can take on tough conditions while protecting your written-in information.
  • These imprintable labels come with a durable write-on surface.
  • Manage your tested and testing items more effectively with these rugged vinyl calibration labels.
  • Label material will accept most writing and printing for smudge-resistant marking.
  • A self-adhesive coating optimizes adhesion to greasy, soiled or irregular surfaces.
  • Better inventory and equipment management is a great way to save money and prevent confusion in your facility.
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  • 1" x 2.25"
  • Screen Printed
  • Vinyl Label
Vinyl Label
Permanent adhesive creates a strong bond with the surface. May 19
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  • Labels have a very heavy coating of adhesive, which make them ideal for irregular, greasy and many other difficult surfaces.
  • Material to be written on using a pencil, typewriter or ball-point pen.
  • Screen printed for extra durability.
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Size:1" x 2.25"
Material:Vinyl Label
225 Labels/Pack
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Per Pack
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