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Quality Control Labels and Calibration Labels

Discover our vast library of quality control and calibration label designs and materials.
Try self-laminating calibration labels to protect your writing from abrasion. You can use calibration dot labels to track small gauges, and aluminum debossedlabels are great for oily environments.We also offer tips on how to use labels to maintain your quality control program.
Choose a calibration label, title and material. Or, create your own custom label with our online wizard.
Don’t let poor organization threaten your hard work. Make a change with our selection of vivid quality control labels.
Create Custom Calibration Labels
Best-Selling Calibration and Quality Control Labels (69339)

Calibrated: By/Date/Due - Green
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Calibrated: By/Date/Due - Green
5/8" x 1½"

Calibration: ID#/By/Date/Due - Green
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Calibration: ID#/By/Date/Due - Green
5/8" x 1½"

Calibrated: By/Date/Due - Black
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Calibrated: By/Date/Due - Black
5/8" x 1½"

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5/8" x 1½"

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½" Circle

Preventive Maintenance Label: By/Date/Next - Blue
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Preventive Maintenance: By/Date/Next - Blue
5/8" x 1½"

Tested Calibration Labels, Green On White
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5/8" x 1½"

Inspected Calibration Labels, Black On Silver
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Inspected: Date/Initials
5/8" x 1½"

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½" x 2"

Accepted By QC Label Dispenser Box
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Accepted By Write-On Labels
1.25" x 2.5" (h x w)

Rejected By QC Label Dispenser Box
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Rejected By Write-On Labels
1.25" x 2.5" (h x w)
Calibration Labels and Quality Control Labels, Signs, and Tags (69340)
 Calibration Labels by Legend

• Search library by title or wording.

 Self-Laminating Calibration Labels

• Seal your writing. Tamper-proof!

 Calibration Labels in Dispenser

• Handy! Just $9.95 / dispenser.

 Aluminum Foil Calibration Labels

• For greasy, tough areas. Deboss.

 Custom Calibration Labels

• Add logo or name for professional.

 Quality Control Tags

• Color-coded quality control tags.

 Fluorescent Inspection Labels

• Can't be missed! QC Approved.

 Out of Calibration

• Do Not Use! Bold designs.

 Custom Numbered Security Seals

• Highest level of security.

 Calibration Labels in a Book

• Keep labels organized.

 Handy Calibration Dots

• Fits anywhere. Economical.

 Punch Out QC Labels

• Punch Out QC Labels.

 Quality Control Signs

• Mark Hold Areas. Accepted items.

 Tamper-Evident Labels & Seals

• Security labels self-destruct.

 Fluorescent QC Labels

• These labels are hard to miss!

Custom ISO & GMP Calibration Labels
FAQsDesign your own labels and save time and money.
Read more.
Why Quality Control Labels?
FAQsMillions of quality control labels are sold ...
Read more.
Our Mission
FAQsWe care about Quality Control Labels.
Read more.
FAQs on Calibration Labels
FAQsColor-code? Removing old labels? GMP?
Read more.
Material Specs for Labels
FAQsHandy material comparison.
Read more.
Grab a Calibration Labels
  • Labels pop out automatically.
  • Dispenser keeps labels organized and handy.
  • Affordable and convenient.
Wrap-Around Calibration
Wrap-Around Calibration Labels
Clear tail seals in your writing. Smudge-proof and truly durable. Great for handles.

Ten Secrets to Effective Quality Control Labels

'Top 10' tips for an effective Quality Control Label:
Tip #1 Protect Your Writing
Tip #2 Choose Durable Materials
Tip #3 'Wrap-Arounds' for Gauges
Tip #4 Color Code Instruments
Tip #5 Personalize Your Labels
Tip #6 Use Size that Best Fits
Tip #7 Use the Right Adhesives
Tip #8 Use a Writable Surface
Tip #9 Many uses of Labels
Tip #10 Quality Awareness Banners!
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