Why Quality Control Labels

  Millions of labels have been ordered each year. Why have we become the Web's leading site for calibration and quality control labels?

  • Free Custom Calibration Labels..
    Just use our online wizard. Choose from one of over 400 different calibration label templates. Add your personalized text or logo. Create a professional design yourself – and no hassle and no delays. Generate the design and then print the sheet of labels on your local laser or ink jet printer. This service is Free! When you use a standard Avery or other label sheet, you can lower your costs for custom calibration label to under 0.5¢ each.
  • Broadest Range of Materials.
    We were one of the first champions of the self-laminating calibration label. This was followed by many other label innovations, including the use of Dead Soft, debossable aluminum tags and labels, super-aggressive adhesives, combo labels/tags, magnetic calibration labels, destructible bar-coded labels and more. Our removable calibration labels use a specially formulated adhesive sticks for two years, but the label can still be easily removed.
  • Broadest Range of Designs and Stock Legends.
    We have thousands of calibration label and tag products ready for quick ship. For custom templates choose GMP, ISO or Biomedical designs. Our library of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) label designs show most of the traditional templates used in the quality industry. They meet most generic industry standards requirements, yet are not burdened with many of the detailed fields required by ISO standards.
  • Easy Calibration Search.
    There are hundreds of possible titles and dozens of different shapes available. To narrow your search and to find your label, drill down by clicking on a Label Type or a Label Title. Or, use our free-form search capability. Enter your legend. For two words, use quotes around the phrases (for example, "Limited Calibration"). The same search can be used for custom calibration label templates, too.
  • Tags, too.
    Sometimes a label just will not work. Our line of inspection tags leads the industry. From 2-part tracking tags to Quality Control tags that are color coded to provide instant recognition, we certainly have a design that fits.
  • Buy Direct and Save.
    Millions of our calibration labels are in use. Buying calibration labels from the factory means that you save. Just compare.